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Feel the Japanese food culture!
Casual experience sushi making in Okinawa

Taste of Japan

experience sushi making
Experience to make your own sushi
experience sushi making

Would you like to try to make sushi by your own during your trip for a memory?
Our sushi master kindly teaches how to make sushi.

In just an hour, you can enjoy the experience to make sushi and to have sushi lunch!

In Okinawa, where is the most southern part of Japan, let's enjoy making sushi which is the most popular in Japanese food.

Feel the Japanese food culture and bring the experience back to your home.

Sushi, the most popular food in Japanese cuisine has a very deep method, and it is said that a sushi chef can become a master after many years' trainings.
We founded "Okinawa Sushi Dojo (training hall)" to give the experience which tourists can be interested in Japanese cuisine, Japanese food culture, and manners. We hope tourists can bring the experience back to their home as a souvenir.
Okinawa Sushi Dojo is the place where you can experience to become a sushi chef during your trip and taste your own made sushi.
The manners starting with "itadakimasu (the common Japanese word before eating)", how to use chopsticks, the heart of hospitality, this is the place you can feel the interesting and the deep aspect of Japanese food culture.  We are waiting for your participation.

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sushi sushi sushi

Experience contents



POINT1Experience to make your own sushi

Wear Japanese chef style cloths and a cap (paper made) giving you a real sushi chef feeling, and start the experience.  Take a piece of fish and put it on the rice.

Feel the weight of rice and make it softly finish into sushi the same as sushi master does.  Then put it on the sushi plate beautifully and enjoy it with the sight.


POINT2You can eat your sushi

Let's enjoy seeing the sushi you made.  To enjoy seeing is also a Japanese cuisine style.  Take the picture and share them with your friends.  Before eating, everyone says "itadakimasu" then eat and check how you made your sushi.
Please enjoy the harmony of fresh fish and tasty rice.


POINT3Get an accomplishment (Certificate award)

At Okinawa Sushi Dojo, sushi master will award you the certificate after the experience.  We prepare the certificate with all our heart so that you can bring back the accomplishment and satisfaction as your trip memory.


Please note that the duration may change depending on the situation on the day.


  • STEP1

    Cloths wearing
    (3 min.)

    Cloths wearing

    Feel a sushi chef with Japanese style cloths and a cap.

  • STEP2

    Hand washing / sterilization
    (3 min.)

    Hand washing / sterilization

    Our priority is safe and security due to using raw materials.


  • STEP3

    Welcome movie
    (5 min.)

    Welcome movie

    Welcoming with sushi movie.

  • STEP4

    Sushi master greetings (3 min.)

    Sushi master greetings

    Learn preparation to make sushi and Japanese cuisine manners. 


  • STEP5

    (25 min.)


    Sushi master teaches how to make sushi carefully.

  • STEP6

    Eating (15 min.)


    Enjoy the tasty sushi you own made.

Completion ceremony

  • STEP7

    Certificate award(3 min.)

    Certificate award

    Okinawa Sushi Dojo awards you the certificate that you learn sushi.  Please bring back as your souvenir.

  • STEP8

    Commemorative photo (3 min.)

    Commemorative photo

    Take photos of each group showing your certificate.


Rate: 3,500 JPY (including tax)

Payment method: Advanced payment (Credit card / Convenience store / Bank transfer)

Schedule: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm / 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Duration: 60 min (possible to be shorten or extended)

Minimum passenger count: 5 people


  • Advanced booking and payment
  • Sushi fish may be changed depending on stocking.
  • Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies.
  • If children experience, please join with parents.
  • Only lunch and visiting are not accepted.
  • If you mind your cloths get unclean, please prepare other cloths or you can borrow our cloths.

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What is Okinawa?

Okinawa is famous for the blue sky and the blue sea. It is a popular resort with a warm exotic atmosphere in Japan.
There are plenty of spots where you can enjoy marine sports on the beach or see the history of Ryukyu era.

Where is the dojo?


The Dojo is located at "Teppan Sakaba Masuo"
where you can reach 17 minutes from Naha airport by car. 
As the dojo locates in Naha city, it is convenient to access the other tourist spots.

Location name: Teppan Sakaba Masuo
1 Floor, 381-3, Asato, Naha City, Okinawa



By car
By car

Go in "Daido dori street" at the Asato crossroad on 330 national roads.
You will see the dojo right side. Please use coin parking nearby.

Naha Airport

Traffic regulation at
Kokusai dori street

Transit mall (Every Sunday 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm)

At Kokusai dori street, from the Okinawa prefectural office (in front of Pallet Kumoji) to Saionbashi bridge crossroad (Makishi monorail station) is kept completely free of cars.  Please be noted if you drive near Kokusai dori street on Sundays.

By monorail
By monorail

3 min. by walk from Asato station.
Duration to Asato station:From Naha Airport Station/18 min. From Shuri Station/10 min.

Naha Airport Station